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Essential Skills at PIA [April 2024]


Essential Skills at PIA [April 2024]

In a bid to improve on the soft skills of our community, Peaceville International  Academy, PIA became the first Nigerian school to partner with the global organization.

Skills builders is a global movement of employers, educators, and impact organizers working together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to build essential skills.

Skills Builder Partnership breaks down four main themes of; communication, creative problem-solving, self-management, and collaboration, into 8 Essential Skills:  Listening, Speaking, Creativity, Problem-Solving, Staying Positive, Aiming High, Leadership, and Teamwork.

People with Essential Skills are proven to think more critically about what they are learning, solve problems better, create and communicate new ideas, and work collaboratively with others to bring them to life.

Research has shown these skills are essential in supporting young people in promoting their learning and academic outcomes, social and emotional well-being, and career and earning opportunities.


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