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International Day for The Girl Child 2023

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International Day for The Girl Child 2023

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Today the 11th of October, 2023, Peaceville International Academy celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child. To mark this memorable day, all the students were made to converge at the school hall for the morning assembly. After the routine morning rites, Mr. Talabi mounted the podium to open the celebration.

In his speech he said,
“Today we are marking the international day of the girl child. The theme of this program is, “Invest in Girls’ Right: Our Leadership our Well-being.” To anchor the program are Mr. Cyprian Ugochukwu and Miss Esther Olafare.”

Both teachers came up and took their places at the stage. Mr. Ugochukwu asked all the boys to stand and put their hands together for the girls. The proud girls on the other hand sat back as they basked in the euphoria of the moment.

Miss Olafare asserted that it is not easy to be a girl as the girl child goes through a lot and still maintains her composure and personality. There after she called on the girls that had presentations to make to step out. The girls were very excited and came out in a good number. Precisely a total of twelve girls came out to give either a talk, a peom, or a song. After that session of special numbers, the group of girls came together to do a beautiful rendition of the song titled, Skies to your beautiful. Actually, it was a lovely moment to behold

With a resounding round of applause the girls returned to their seats, and Mr. Talabi was back to the podium to bring the program to a halt. In his closing remarks he charged the girls with these words:

“Ensure that you believein yourself; don’t let your voice be suppressed, speak up and be heard because you are special. Happy international Day of the Girl Child

Thereafter, the learners stood to return to their vatious classrooms to resume lessons for the day. Just at the very last minute of them exiting the hall, Mr. Ugochukwu broke the silence by announcing to the girls that during lunch today at the dinining hall, the girls would sit and the boys would be made to serve them their lunch. The hall reverberated as the girls echoed with an air that depicted obvious approval and satisfaction.

Excerpts of this beautiful occasion can be viewed here – VIEW GALLERY

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