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Parent Chatroom 2023/2024


Parent Chatroom 2023/2024

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The 2023/2024 Parent chatroom with the Head of School,  Peaceville International Academy, Miss Dolapo Fatoki, held at the school hall on the 6th of October, 2023. This program was aimed at unfolding the ideals, practices, principles, and philosophy of PIA. In a nut shell, the program was organised with the view to shedding full light on what PIA stands for and to eliminate any possible obscurities about her existence, while in the process making it crystal clear to attendees why Peaceville International  Academy is a unique British school.

The program evented both on-site and virtually; parents of the learners graced the occasion physically while others preferred to participate from the comfort of their homes as they took advantage of the live streaming .

This program which is an annual event also seized the opportunity to discuss the progress of the learners with their parents with the view to to generating measures by the collective effort of both parents and the school on the ways to move the school and it’s learners forward.

Conclusively, the 2023/2024 Parent chatroom with the HoS of PIA would be adjudged success because attending parents were enthused by the glad tidings that graced their ears and were poised to Join forces with the school to see to it that learners- their wards and children- attain the best and only the best..


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