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PIA Leadership Training 2023

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PIA Leadership Training 2023

Images from the event. (Click to view gallery)

In pursuance of the goal of leadership capacity building for leaders of Peaceville International Academy, the school embarked on a leadership training retreat to prepare the newly elected students leaders for the responsibilities ahead.

The retreat held at the prestigious Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) in Abeokuta, Ogun State. On arrival, the teachers and students leaders of PIA were received by the director of the American space at the library, who gave an insight into the import of the department. Acting as the anchor, he introduced the facilitators who did justice to the topic, “Train the Trainer.”

The next phase of the retreat was a tour of the library. At a section where different materials and equipment used by the former military head of state, former civilian president, and a one time prisoner, were on display. These materials and equipment also included the various gifts from former leaders around the world. After the tour of the library, the students were treated to a boat cruise and a visit to the zoo.

No doubt it was an exciting and educative experience, and it can only be expected that these student leaders  geared up to take on the true role of leadership that they have been trained for. Consequently, it would be little surprise if among these crop of leaders emerge the future presidents, senators and governors of this our great nation, Nigeria. In these leaders we have hope because what they learnt have set them apart and qualified them to be much expected world changers.

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