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Redeemer’s Day [March 2024]

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Redeemer’s Day [March 2024]

Images from the event. (Click to view gallery)

Peaceville International Academy’s recent participation in the Redeemer’s Day with the theme ‘Repositioning: The Path to Excellence’ which took place at Redeemer’s High School was an exhilarating experience that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of athleticism, creativity, and technological prowess. This unique event seamlessly blended various disciplines – Sports, ICT, Art, Debate, etc. to create an unforgettable competition that showcased the diverse talents of students from various schools.

The Sports Segment featured a series of challenging events such as Athletics, Football, Shot put, etc. The students of PIA did extremely well bagging trophies and medals.

In the ICT segment, students of PIA demonstrated proficiency in technological domains through coding challenges and multimedia presentations. The students received certificates and awards for their performance in this event.

However, what truly set this event apart was the incorporation of Art and Debate into the competition. The students gave a wonderful performance during the debate expressing themselves eloquently. The integration of Art not only added a visually appealing dimension to the event but also underscored the significance of creativity and self-expression in education. In both of these events, the students of PIA received awards and certificates, making the school proud.

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