School Uniform

School Uniform

We take pride in our appearance

“ We take Pride in Our Appearance”

A White Long Sleeved Shirt/Blouse

White short sleeved shirt/blouse for summer uniform only.

Top button should be done up with knot of the tie covering it.

Tie must be visibly worn at all times

Trim Academy Blazer Should be worn at all times unless told otherwise.

Blazer – must be pre-embroidered with lettering Peaceville International Academy Logo

Skirt/Trousers Skirt – The waist band of the skirt must not be rolled up.

Trousers – Must be tailored, straight-legged and full length (reaching the shoe).

No tapering (getting thinner) or flaring (widening) towards the ankle.

Trousers that are skinny fit/skin tight, denim, made of heavy cotton material, contain lycra or similar stretchy/elastic fabric that would cause them to look skin tight/tapered are not acceptable.

Trousers should not have any additional adornments (such as buttons, sequins or studs).

Plain Black or Navy Blue Socks (no logos) or Tights Plain Black.

Polished School Shoes that have Heels of no more than 2cm

Trainers, Doctor Marten boots and ballet pumps are not permitted.

All students are expected to comply with the agreed hair style for boys and girls.